Inspiring The Younger Generation To Greatness – Part 2

There are several instances in the seerah where Rasulullah played with the little kids of Madinah; and it didn’t diminish his status as a Prophet. He paid enough attention to their needs thus making them feel esteemed. The following instances will amaze you: “The Prophet used to line up Abdullah, Ubaidullah and Kuthayyar, the sons of Al Abbas. Then he would say: whoever reaches me first would have so-and-so. They would race towards him and he would kiss them and hang on to them.”

Mahmoud bn Al-Rabi (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “when I was a boy of five, I remember, the prophet took water from the bucket and with his mouth he threw the water on my face.”

Now, imagine the kind of impression such noble acts would have created in the minds of these young chaps. This must however be done without excessiveness, and must be used as a methodology of teaching to avoid being taken for granted. Remember, the goal is to educate them. The younger generation can only understand and appreciate their future responsibilities if they are made to start practising them at an early stage. They must be made to assume certain responsibilities by engaging them with pet projects. This will build in them self-confidence and will position them properly for future challenges.

Ibn Abbas reported that: “I was a child playing with other children. I looked at the back and found the prophet (S.A.W) coming. I said, he must be coming for me especially. I ran to hide myself behind a door. Ibn Abbas said, “I didn’t feel it till he gently caught me from my nape. He just patted me once. He then said, “go and call Muawiyyah,” and he was his scribe. I went to Muawiyyah and said; respond to Allah’s prophet because he is in need.”

What can you glean from this? The Prophet needed young Abdullah’s attention; he found him playing with other kids but he needed him for what was more important than playing. Then he engaged him with a religious duty which he could have delegated to someone older than him. No wonder why ibn Abbas became a scholar at a very young age with an overflowing understanding of the deen. This was how Prophet Muhammad groomed the future generation.

This is, by far, the best way youth can be a source of inspiration to the younger generation. They follow our examples in our everyday affairs, and they get easily inspired by our successes and achievements. They take us as models, following every step we take and then building their personalities after ours. How evil will it then be for a child to get corrupted by our immoral ways?How to go about it

Inspiring the younger generation does not require you to be a scholar, neither does it require you to be a public figure. All it takes is for you to have a good sense of responsibility towards the younger ones. You can live this responsibility by working as a volunteer at an Islamic/Arabic school for children, working at the kiddies section in Islamic camps or forming a kiddies club.

If these kids spend more time with upright youths like you, their self-image will be boosted, and it will help in preparing them to become well-trained and disciplined youths in future. Remember, we need to bridge the generational gaps, and it all starts with you.In what other ways do you think you can inspire the younger generation to greatness? Do share them in the comment box. It will definitely help somebody, somewhere. May Allah reward you as you share beneficial knowledge.

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